[Infographic] Email Marketing ROI

  • 1 min read

The infographic below was created by Litmus, a leading email research and analytics platform. The ROI from email continues to be very high for retail and e-commerce brands: 45:1! Even higher when you continually improve your email workflows using A/B testing and ongoing updates.

7 Email Marketing Best Practices

  • 5 min read

Email marketing super important because it allows your brand to reach your customer for very little cost. Every brand should be investing in some sort of email marketing. But what does that mean and what are some tips for best practices that you can follow to drive the most success? Well, I’m going to jump into that right now. 1.… Continue reading7 Email Marketing Best Practices

15 Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List

  • 16 min read

In this post, you’re about to learn 25 easy ways to automatically grow your email list so you can turn more of your shop visitors into buyers. In fact: These are the top strategies we’ve used to grow email audiences of 120,000 contacts and millions of dollars in cart sales.  So if you’re looking for: More repeat purchases Increased sales… Continue reading15 Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List

Ecommerce Email Welcome Sequence Free Service

  • 2 min read

Get Your Free 5 Part Email Welcome Sequence A welcome sequence is your chance to introduce your brand, your products, and make an offer to your visitors for the first time. This 5 part series is: Designed For Fast Growing Ecommerce Companies  Built For Higher Cart Checkout Conversions Customized To Your Brand & Product Selection Get Your Free Welcome Emails… Continue readingEcommerce Email Welcome Sequence Free Service