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As a leading ecommerce email marketing agency we understand how complex email marketing has become. That's where ShopSendy - an ecommerce email agency - comes in with the best brand experts, copywriters, editors and designers who craft emails for you that convert again and again.

For Every $1 Invested In Email Marketing, Brands Get $42 Back

The ShopSendy Way

You are a human first. We value you, your story and how your products impact in the world in a positive way. We seek to understand your business, your products and who you are before designing a plan to help you grow your business using email marketing.

Your time is priceless. We will respect your time in everything we do. In a world with a thousand distractions, we will cut through the noise and save you time with a no BS approach to meetings, emails, and results.

Our methods, concepts and strategies for ecommerce email optimization are tested in real businesses in real time. You’ll benefit from being a part of an agency that is constantly testing new ideas as well as using time tested techniques.

We will not assume that fads, hacks or what works for others will also work for you. We will develop your email campaigns with best practices and creativity to discover new insights for email marketing success unique to your brand.

ShopSendy will positively impact one billion lives. To that end, we use email to craft compelling stories and calls to action for your shop so you can make the world a better place with your products. By helping your brand optimize your email marketing you can create more jobs, more value and more impact in the world. Your customers win. You win. And we’re honored to be a part of it.

ShopSendy offers world class email audience growth and email communication services. Our service is more than just another broadcast email. Each email is carefully written and designed as though it was being sent to our own moms on behalf of our own company.

ShopSendy will help you build an email list of true fans, customers, and ambassadors for your brand. A True Fan is the person who is most likely to benefit from the products you offer. They resonate with your message. They know, like and trust you because of your story and your products.

ShopSendy will never suggest you purchase or rent email lists or use unethical methods to grow your audience.


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